A Few Thoughts – Pokémon Co-Op? Why Not?

pokemon-pikachusA thought came to me the other day that I’m interested to share with everyone.

Why has there been no co-op in Pokémon Games yet? Yes I know you can team up and battle with and against each other, but what I’m talking about is the ability to adventure together.

Games for the 3ds do make use of this type of feature, the largest example is the highly popular and best selling Monster Hunter franchise. You can and are actively encouraged to team up and explore together in order to take on some of the games more impressive monsters. Its one of the biggest draws of the series and relies on better graphical performance than the anime stylings used so successfully on the Pokémon Games.

So why ahs this feature not been implemented at all? It seems like a no brainer, but with Pokémon Sun and Moon due for release shortly and no information about this type of feature I feel it will be missed again.

I love adventuring in Pokémon and the fact that its my adventure is great, however why cant I also explore the next cave or grassy route with my wife, on her DS while sat together on the Sofa. If you want help fighting a wild Pokémon why cant I tap a call help button and she can join in too?

Some things would need to be off limits of course, such as trainer battles, gym battles and legendary Pokémon, but all other features should be available.

I think many people would love to be able to adventure with a friend or loved one in this manner and the technology is clearly capable of supporting this, so my question really is WHY NOT?

With Nintendo trying to add some freshness and new aspects to its Pokémon games, such as the new ‘region’ versions of classic Pokémon, take a chance and put in this feature, I think this would capture more of an audience that may be drifting than essentially different Pokémon skins.

I will keep my fingers crossed this may surprise us for Sun and Moon but with the steady stream of information on those games that keeps flowing out I feel that it would have been mentioned by now.

Would you like to see Co-Op appear in a Pokémon Game?  Let me know in the comments.



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