Bridget Jones’s Baby – Review


Bridget Jones’s Baby is the long gestating sequel that fans of the series have been long awaiting and it does not disappoint.

The fun loving humor from the first two films is back in spades and not a beat of it seems false or added in order to be  ‘like a Bridget Jones film’, but instead makes the film seem like the series has never truly been away.

A few new characters are introduced to freshen up the dynamic alongside setting the scene for poor Bridget who finds her self still alone with her old gang who all now settled down with children.  These old characters are still around however and although only bit part players, add a real humor to the film to match their performances in the originals. A particular scene at a christening will surely cause a few laughs and memories of old humor along with a discussion about puppets that parents and those who spend a lot of time with children will find very funny.

The omission of Hugh Grant’s character ‘Daniel Cleaver’ is explained quickly and in a way that makes sense, all without detracting from the plot of this film, but neither is it dwelt upon.

But what really makes this film feel so familiar in a good way is the performance from the two lead actors in Rene Zellweger and Colin Firth. I am not including Patrick Dempsey’s character ‘Jack Qwant’ as a lead, purely because his use is primarily as a key plot device ‘the other man’ and the heart and soul of the film comes from the Bridget and Mark story.

Dempsey does however craft a very good performance and one that  lead to moments of sympathy and hope for the character, until you see Bridget and Mark again.

The chemistry between Zellweger and Firth is evident right from the moment they share the screen and no doubt is left that these two are meant to be together despite the obvious issues they have.

The film raises some real world issues such as the strain on relationships from work and other outside influences, the way people can be viewed by others, innovation at work due to new cultures and technologies and the sobering question of just what would you do if you love the person but its not your child.

Al those questions are asked and sensibly answered in ways that make sense in the plot and should resonate with the films audience.

This is all not to say Bridget Jones’s Baby does not have its flaws. A lengthy run time of 123 minutes does lead to some pacing issues. Most noticeably when you think the film is gearing towards its conclusion only to add a fourth act to extend itself. That act is indeed beneficial to the film but the lead up to it was a little jarring.

The movie also relies upon its use of cringe worthy humor a little too much for me as a neutral viewer however this may be a positive for those that thoroughly enjoy Bridget’s more uncomfortable moments, it very much depends on your sense of humor and others may not have an issue with this at all.

My final issue with the film is the ending, I will not go into spoilers and may produce a separate post to discuss it. But what I will say is the ending while satisfying still left you with a question, yes the answer is suggested but it can be subject to interpretation.

The way that I interpreted the ending left me satisfied however and I left the cinema with a smile on my face, and a hope that this may even reinvigorate the franchise for one more film.

I hope the time gap between ‘edge of reason’ and ‘baby’ has resulted in fans wanting more once again. Could we see a Bridget Jones’s Toddler? or Bridget Jones PTA?  I doubt it but if not this film serves as a fitting finale for the plucky Miss Jones.


Overall :

Bridget Jones’s Baby is a welcome return to the series and easily moves into second place in terms of quality above ‘edge of reason’. The two main leads chemistry is evident on screen and makes you feel the characters should never have been away, and the humor is used in the right way to make the film feel fresh yet familiar at the same time. Yes its a tad long at two hours but the pay off at the end is a fitting, and potentially likely, final chapter for the singleton.

Score: 8.5/10


What did you think of Bridget Jones’s Baby?  Let me know in the comments below!

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