Pokémon Generations Episode 2 – Review


Episode 2 of ‘Pokémon Generations’ chooses to look at the boss of Team Rocket ‘Giovanni’.

This should be an opportunity to learn more about the power hungry and unrelenting leader of the most noticeable Pokémon Antagonists but instead falls flat on its face just like Jesse, James and Meowth found themselves doing in his service many times.

The episode is extremely short and follows a Police Squad trying to track and capture Team Rockets big boss, and within 10 seconds of wondering where he may be, ‘Sir we have his location’. Ah well that’s good then.

What follows is a series of shots that go on for too long showing police entering Giovanni’s Gym and looking for him. An Arcanine melting a wall for police to climb through (Although its clearly still dripping with molten metal and unfit for anyone to go through), a Machamp breaking down a wall to create a breach hole and then culminating in the head of the force running to the gyms main room with his Growlithe. Because of course you take the weaker of your squad of Pokémon with you to capture one of the most dangerous men in Pokémon.

What follows is a vague hint of maybe Mewtwo but it cannot be for certain, and then cut to a short shot of Giovanni watching all this unfold from a nearby hill.

End of Episode…………

There is not much more to say about episode 2 of Pokémon Generation and that is a reason this review has taken a while to write, I feel there should be more but there just isn’t.

The voice acting is bland, the plot non-existent and what could be a good opportunity to add some more depth to a character or display interesting ways Pokémon are used for purposes other than battling, comes out wasted and not worth any of its 4-minute run time.

With a Web series with such short episodes it is of course possible that some will be not as good as others, but so far the start of an 18 episode run meant to show Pokémon’s history in new light is not covering itself in Glory.

Episode 3 is now out and I will be watching it shortly, Fingers Crossed.



Pokémon Generations is getting off to a rocky start and I’m holding out hope for episode 3. Episode 2 lets down the series on all Fronts, poor voice acting, sloppy animation that looks like they were trying to stretch the episode to its 4-minute running time and worst of all a missed opportunity two show aspects of Pokémon in a new and interesting light. The only positive here is that they are clearly trying to show different parts of the Pokémon Game Universe and that can only be a good thing.


Score: 2/10

One thought on “Pokémon Generations Episode 2 – Review

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