Discovery Channels are staying on Sky TV


Fear not Sky documentary lovers, the ongoing dispute between Sky and Discovery has been resolved.

This morning I had a tweet from Sky in reply to one of my #KeepDiscovery tweets.


So according to Sky it would seem that Discovery just finally gave in and accepted the offer, however I wonder if they did something that Sky is not well known for itself. Provided a good customer service.

Sky’s comment about Discovery accepting a deal given to them over a week ago seems a bit childish to me, like an argument where one person just absolutely has to get the last word in even though the situation has been calmed in an effort to try and save face.

Think about it for a moment, Discovery has been overwhelmed with the support it has gotten from fans who did not want the channels to get pulled from sky. They organised a mass online protest at the media giant and perhaps seeing they would get nowhere and sky was more than happy to just pull the plug on them (despite the viewers wishes), they decided that for the sake of the people who enjoy their content to accept the tabled offer for fans to be able to carry on watching shows such as ‘Tanked’ and ‘Tree House Masters’.

This idea is supported by the message Discovery put out last night, only hours before the channels were set to be pulled from Sky platforms.


The running theory is this came about as Sky is needing to cut down some costs in places due to the high price it is paying for the Premier League at the moment along with costs for the set up of its new ‘Sky Mobile’ mobile phone provider service.

As a football fan myself I love having the premier league to watch however the loss of a couple of games here and there and the keeping of the Discovery channels would be much preferable to me. If I’m being honest as much as I love watching football, the idea of using my entire 2 day weekend to watch three matches spread across 2 days is a bit mad. I’m a married man with a busy job so when I do have some down time, yes I would like to watch some football but certainly not do ONLY that for the weekend.

However the dispute was solved however its good news for those customers who were making their voices heard regarding the keeping of these channels. Well Done Everyone!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Discovery Channels are staying on Sky TV

  1. Just bought eurosport TV package love skiing and all winter sports why sky/discovery had toilet it go so far amazes me virgin and BT do not seem to


  2. I love most sports ,love discovery too but sky only announced problem last week I would have changed supplier but virgin do not come here


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