I’ve Moved House

Dear All,

I apologise for my lack of posts and content over the last few months.

My wife and I moved house and had to move out of our old home and live in temporary accommodation before moving into our new home. Then the internet took a while to get set up due to the house being a new build house.

I then returned to work which i wish did not take up so much of my time as it does but thats the role in life i have. This is likely to be the way until Spring for work reasons.

When and where i can i have a real passion to create posts and content but am also aware im trying to capture an audience that moves on quickly am finding it difficult.

I will do my best and do hope that you will all stick with me through this sticky spot for hopes of much more content in the future.

Thank you sincerely for all your support. It means a lot and the more you give the more im likely to produce.


Tom 🙂

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