The Future of The Golden Rant

So, I’ve been radio silent on this website for a while and to an extent with the Twitter as well. The reason for this is essentially I put too much pressure on myself to create new articles and content constantly to keep up with entertainment and gaming news, I tried to play each new game (to my financial detriment), finish them quickly and write something about it. To this end I have around 4 half written articles that I never finished as I had to move on to the next thing. I simply did not have time to both experience the games and films and then write about them before feeling the pressure to move on to the next hot topic in chase of readers and followers. The end result of all this was I stopped enjoying games, movies and television and instead was grinding through and trying desperately make constructive notes to help write an article that I was destined to either never start or never finish.

Therefore, I walked away for a while, I took time to finish games I never finished, watch the films I wanted to see but missed and I took the approach of not doing it for the content but for me. I have been able to return to the place of enjoying playing through a game just for the fun of it without stressing about mechanics and game assets. I have been able to enjoy films and TV without feeling the desperate need to take plot notes to help myself later on. It’s been nice.

I now want to return to this website and return to creating good content but now it will absolutely be dictated by my own pace. I aim to try and produce one new article a week but if I feel I have nothing to write about then there will simply be no article. I am not going to worry purely because I have set myself that target and have not met it. I feel now is a time to mention this is largely because of my day job. I am a teacher and as such am in work early, finish late and always bring work home. Therefore I often spend my evenings doing work rather than writing, and when I don’t have work I’m often too tired to concentrate and write and would rather just have a night off an enjoy a game or film.

It also feels a good moment to mention I will not be creating any video or twitch content for the foreseeable future, again due to the time limitations in my life.

Thanks for bearing with this letter, there’s just a few more things to add:

I will be now be naming any reviews I create as just ‘What I thought’ as to me a review needs to be out around the release period for a film or game and as mentioned this Is hard for me due to time commitments. Where possible a film review will be out within a week of me seeing the film if it is something I feel I can write about. Game reviews will seriously depend on the length of the game. These will also not always be new films and games and instead will be ones that are new.

‘A few thoughts’ section will remain for any general thoughts I find I can write about.

‘Television’ will be leaving the website and in its place a new section called ‘What I’ve been doing’ in which I aim to provide an update on what I have been watching and playing in small segments rather than whole form reviews. This will include updates on games that I am playing through whether new or old. Any films I may have watched that week and a brief snippet of what I thought of them and small mentions to any television programmes I have been watching whether new or old.


I hope all of this makes sense and has followers wanting to give the site another chance.

If you have any ideas of things I should play or watch or write about then do please let me know.

All the best.

Tom – Creator of ‘The Golden Rant’

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