Avengers Infinity War, What I Thought (Review): NO SPOILERS

This will be a spoiler free review of Avengers Infinity War.

After 10 years and 17 films ‘Marvel’ have reached the culmination of a decade’s creative work. The journey that began at the ned of Iron Man with Nick Fury uttering the line ‘I want to talk to you about The Avengers Initiative’. I remember that and thinking ‘Nah it’s a good idea but no way it will actually happen’. Boy was I wrong. Not only did they achieve it but here we are having built up to what is in my mind much more of a film rather than an event. The only other things that spring to mind when thinking about the idea of this film is the same way I thought when going to see the final Harry Potter or Star Wars: The force awakens. I need to be there in the first couple of days to experience this with everyone else who is as excited as I am. The film is one thing but like a good concert or restaurant I want a brilliant atmosphere as well to create a whole round experience.

I have seen the film once, but I will definitely be going again to see what moments I may have missed.

This review will naturally be slightly influenced by that experience in the cinema, but I really don’t think that’s a bad thing, here’s why.

This film makes no attempt to fill you in if you know nothing about the story so far, and that’s fine because at this point the people truly passionate know it all. You don’t need to fill people in because the majority of people really do know it. It really is the film equivalent to a comic book crossover, you either know what’s going on or you don’t but here we go.

Ok onto the film itself.

There are real stakes at play here, for the first time in a Marvel film I felt a genuine sense of dread and fear for the characters. An opening scene sets the idea in motion for the film that anything really can happen to anyone. Even knowing that characters still have further films in their contracts, I actually was thinking ‘but what if that’s all a giant smokescreen’.

The characters I feared for were everyone, even characters I was less invested in. This is because everyone has a moment to shine in this movie, even though there are so many characters.

The various team ups in the film work to bring out the best aspects of each character. It’s difficult to talk about this in specifics without spoilers but what I can say is that it makes perfect sense how the characters interact in the ways that they do and it is to the films benefit.

Thanos – Thanos is a brilliant villain, somehow, they have done the previously thought impossible and created a solid Marvel villain (perhaps Killmonger, Loki and Zemo aside – Thanos still tops them). I can’t say how but they do a very good job of helping you actually see things from his point of you and actually sympathising with him, up to a point. He is terrifyingly powerful also, to the point where you really don’t seem how they can beat him. Make no mistake everyone in the MCU so far the heroes have faced is child’s play compared to Thanos. He really did not disappoint.

The film comes in at just under 3 hours and at no point does it let up or feel long, on occasion you spend slightly too long with an individual team at points before switching back to the other characters, but this is a minor gripe because those scenes are all still brilliant.

My final gripes as such are simple ones that perhaps on a second viewing I may see differently but on my first viewing certain moments of CGI did look a bit ropey and a few lines of dialogue fell flat for me. In particular Thor ‘Bring me Thanos’ did not hit the mark for me. Finally, Peter Dinklage secret role did not work for me, he seemed to be putting on an overly acted voice and took me out of the film. Perhaps upon a second watch these won’t bother me so much.

These issues aside there is no question in my mind that this film is the best MCU film so far, and im not afraid to say that this is because it truly is a brilliant culmination of what the MCU can be and it will now be a very very long year until Avengers 4. (perhaps Robert Downey Jr can bring the release date forward again, everyone tweet him now….)


Wow just wow, a few moments that did not land but they were few and far between. Characters work well together, and each have a moment to help them shine, action sequences are brilliant. A genuine sense of dread and fear throughout thanks to a brilliant Villain portrayed excellently by Josh Brolin.


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